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Can A Vegan Pregnancy Be Healthy? 

A new study has revealed that the number of Americans following plant-based diets is up nearly 9.4 million over the last 15 years to more than 9.7 million in total. There are many reasons people are considering more plants and less meat in their diets….

top foods for gestational diabetes
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All About Gestational Diabetes 

This post was written by Juna Advisor & Registered Dietician and Nutritionist – Lauren Manaker, RDN and Rachelle Mallick.  When the dreaded glucose tolerance test is around the corner, many pregnant women start thinking about the “what ifs”. What if I get a diagnosis of…

protein powders for pregnancy
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Best Protein Powders For Pregnancy 

It’s normal during pregnancy to become concerned with what’s safe to put into your body and what to avoid, which is why you might want to know what the best protein powders are for pregnancy. When it comes to protein, it’s always best to meet…

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The Ultimate Guide To Eggs During Pregnancy 

If you’re pregnant and looking for a yummy superfood to help nurture and grow your baby – look no further than the egg. In this post we’ll go over the nutrition benefits of eggs, breakdown the nutrition, cover the differences between eggs (including our recommendation…