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Strange Postpartum Symptoms After Giving Birth 

This post was written by Juna Advisor & Labor Nurse, Liesel Teen (@mommy.labornurse). There are some aspects of postpartum recovery you’re probably (vaguely) ready for. The bleeding, the exhaustion, the soreness. But there are actually some pretty weird postpartum symptoms that might not be on…

breastfeeding 101 with sarah siebold
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8 Common Myths About Breastfeeding 

No matter how many books you read or classes you take during pregnancy, there are likely going to be surprises when it comes to breastfeeding once your baby is here. Whether you are a first time mom or this is your fifth rodeo (or somewhere…

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The First Month of Postpartum 

The Juna Women Podcast is a weekly discussion where Juna Founder, Sarah Kuhn, talks to Moms about their health, work, parenting, and all the different ways they’re keeping it together. This is Episode 041, The First Month of Postpartum with Sarah Kuhn. Sarah does a…

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9 Freezable Make-Ahead Meals For The 4th Trimester 

This post was written by Juna Advisor & Registered Dietician and Nutritionist – Lauren Manaker, RDN. If you are in the final stretch of your pregnancy, you may be in full-on nesting mode. Not only does expecting mean that you have to prepare for welcoming…