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Foods to Limit/Avoid During Pregnancy 

Now that you are expecting, you have probably heard your fair share of nutrition advice from well-meaning family members, your favorite instagrammer, and your BFF. The tips can stem anywhere from large-scale clinical trials to old-wives-tales.  Generally speaking, it is best to stay on the…


Braxton Hicks Contractions Explained: What are they? 

Braxton hicks contractions are very common in pregnancy and are frequently referred to as “practice” contractions. They are named after a 19th century obstetrician, John Braxton Hicks, who made a ton of advances in the field of obstetrics!  While Braxton Hicks sounds like the name…


How to Limit Tears During Labor 

One of the scariest-sounding things about birth is the perineal tear. Perineal tears are when the perineum, i.e. the skin between your vagina and rectum, naturally tears to make room for the baby’s head as it’s coming out.  The majority of first-time births will involve…


7 Important Skincare Tips for Pregnancy 

During pregnancy, you could drive yourself crazy Googling the safety details of the skincare products you use every day. With so much conflicting information, and so little solid research done on the subject, it can be frustrating. All you’re trying to do is wash your…

stretch marks pregnancy

3 Daily Habits for Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks 

This post is from contributing writer Liesel Teen, @mommy.labornurse on Instagram. Liesel is a labor and delivery nurse and creates great content helping mamas during pregnancy and postpartum. Pregnancy is a time for glowing, growing, preparing, and waiting for your sweet newborn to arrive. Yet,…