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6 Ways To Help Postpartum Hair Loss 

Hey guys, Hailee here. I had no idea that postpartum hair loss was a thing until after my second baby was born and I just started losing my hair in chunks. In the shower, it was like handfuls coming out at a time. It got…

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Constipation During Pregnancy 

Oh the many joys of pregnancy. As if the Nausea, cravings and hormone fluctuations were not gift enough, in walks constipation. Due to a variety of things we’ll get into sometimes pooping during pregnancy becomes far more difficult than you’d imagine. In this article we’ll…

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Food to Pack in your Hospital Bag for Delivery 

Bring This, Not That: The Hospital Edition We started putting together a list of good snacks to have packed in your hospital bag (because hospital food kind of sucks) and in our research came across some, let’s say, not so good suggestions. It inspired us…