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Master Early Motherhood with Juna's Courses

From Birth to Starting Solids, Juna has you covered.



Learn the soup to nuts of breastfeeding. We cover everything. From how to get a good latch, to pumping, supply and then weaning.

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Newborn Care


Feel confident taking your baby home. Learn how to diaper, how to baby wear, first baths and all the things you don't need to freak out about.

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Birth Prep


Learn the basics of birth. We cover the stages of labor, phases of labor, pain management techniques and more. You'll feel prepared for whatever way your labor goes.

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Starting Solids


This course covers everything you'll want to know when preparing to transition your baby from breastmilk/formula to real food.

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2 courses

Expecting Mama Bundle



Tackle Birth Prep and Breastfeeding so you're prepared.

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3 courses

Expecting Mama Plus Bundle



Birth Prep, Breastfeeding and Newborn Care will arm you with all the info you need to feel like a confident new mom.

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4 courses

Early Motherhood Bundle



Prepare yourself Birth, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care and Starting Solids. Juna's got you covered with all the basics.

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We always recommend parents trust their gut when it comes to their babies. But having a strong foundation of knowledge is the first step to getting there.

Founder - Sarah K

Here's what Mama's like you are saying about Juna's Courses

I downloaded the Juna App for the workouts, BUT can't express how much I LOVE the Courses. Everything you need to know between Birth and 6 months!

Megan T

I absolutely loved the Birth Prep and Breastfeeding courses. They gave me such a solid foundation of knowledge without being overwhelming. I recommend Juna to all my friends.

Candace O.

Still Have Questions?

How long do I have access to the course I purchase?

After signing up for the course you will have unlimited lifetime access. This means that you can use it for multiple pregnancies when you want to brush up on your knowledge.

How do I access the content?

You can access the course through your phone, tablet, desktop, laptop or smart tv. All Juna courses are housed on the online learning platform Kajabi.

Are these courses FSA/HSA eligible?

The Birth Prep and Breastfeeding Courses are both HSA/FSA eligible under most insurance plans. Make sure to ask your provider about coverage and documentation requirements.

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Healthy baby starts with a healthy mama. We're here to support you through your entire Motherhood journey.