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This is Episode 031, Breastfeeding Power Hour with Sarah Siebold.

sarah siebold breastfeeding podcast

In this episode, Sarah talks with Sarah Siebold, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Mom of two.

Sarah answers all of the most frequently asked questions surrounding breastfeeding as well as many you may never have thought to ask.

They talk about engorgement, colostrum, transitioning, newborn feeding cues, tongue-ties, drinking while breastfeeding, weaning — the list goes on.

This interview is jam packed with information to help you have a successful breastfeeding relationship.

If you are breastfeeding now or plan to be in the future, this episode is a must listen.

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Show Notes

01:15 – Sarah talks about how she became a lactation consultant and how she is currently tandem nursing her 3-year-old and her newborn baby.

03:00 – At about 14 weeks, your body starts to make colostrum. That’s going to be your baby’s food for about the first 3-4 days of their lives. It comes in tiny quantities. Around day 3 your milk begin to transition and by day 9 your milk should be fully in and this will be the milk you feed your baby until you decide to wean.

08:35 – What is cluster feeding? How do you know if this is happening.

10:55 – What about nipple soreness and pain during breastfeeding. What’s normal, what’s not?

12:02 – Nipple shields.

13:38 – Over supply is when your body is making too much milk. It can be really difficult to deal with.

15:13 – How to manage overactive letdown.

16:19 – Single side breastfeeding

16:45 – How to manage under supply – when your body isn’t making enough milk. Perceived under supply is the #1 reason women stop breastfeeding, but only about 5% of women can’t produce enough milk. If you’re concerned about under supply you should meet with a lactation consultant.

18:55 – You want to see your breasts grow during pregnancy. This means things are jumping into gear and your body is working normally.

20:25 – Tethered oral tissues like tongue ties and lip ties. How to know if your baby has one and what to do.

24:45 – You have to want it. There are so many barriers to successful breastfeeding, but if something you really want you can do it. It may be hard, there may be some pain, but if you want to you can get there.

27:07 – What’s a good latch and why a good latch is so important.

31:31 – How do I know if my baby is getting enough milk?

37:00 – What are the common breastfeeding issues and side effects you might experience?

41:00 – Breastfeeding through mastitis and sicknesses.

42:50 – What is Thrush and how do you treat it?

44:00 – What is Engorgement and how do you treat it?

46:30 – How does diet affect your baby? All food is on the table.

48:20 – Can I drink while breastfeeding? Plus tips for managing alcohol intake while breastfeeding.

51:00 – Calories during breastfeeding and does breastfeeding help you lose weight? Try to let the weight come off slowly.

59:47 – What happens if you baby goes on a “Nursing Strike?”

01:04:22 – How to handle your baby going on a bottle strike when/if you go back to work? Plus when to introduce a bottle.

01:07:20 – How to get a good pumping schedule if you’re going back to work.

01:09:30 – When to reach to a lactation consultant.

Connect with Sarah:

breastfeeding 101 with sarah siebold

Sarah Siebold is a native Los Angeleno and mom to Noah & Faye. She is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and completed her clinical training in both private-practice and outpatient clinic settings.

In a previous life, Sarah earned her Master’s in English and American Literature and taught in and around New York City. She infuses her passion for teaching and education into the work she does with new & expecting parents.

Sarah pinches herself silly to get to do the work she loves with parents and their sweet babes and feels grateful to have found a professional pursuit that excites & inspires her daily.



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