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This is Episode 108 – Covid Vaccines For 5-11 Year Olds with Dr Jessica Hochman

This episode is all about Covid-19 vaccines for the 5-11 year old age group. Sarah interviews Dr. Jessica Hochman (@AskDrJessica) who is a pediatrician in Southern California.

Full disclosure, Jessica is Sarah’s kids’ pediatrician. This episode tackles issues of masks and vaccines, mandates, and covid policy, specifically relating to the 11 and under age bracket. A few things to note before listening:

1) Juna, as a company, does not have a position on this issue and anything that I personally say is not meant to be an endorsement of Juna’s position.⁠

2) Our goal with this podcast, and everything we share at Juna is to give you the most accurate and up to date information we can find on pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood wellness, and then let you make decisions with that information that work for you and your family.⁠

3) Many influencers and brands appeal to the emotional side of these issues and while emotion may certainly play a role in your decisions, our intention is to provide, statistics and science and leave the emotion out as much as possible.⁠

4) Dr. Jessica’s perspective is one of many. If you have someone you would like us to interview for the podcast, please send a DM on Instagram to @juna.moms.

Lastly, parenting is hard. Deciding whether or not to vaccinate your children, especially in this 0-12 range is hard and we shouldn’t judge one another for whatever decision we make because at the end of the day we all want what’s best for our kids and will come to different conclusions on what that looks like. ⁠

Dr Jessica Hochman

Dr Jessica Hochman

Dr Jessica Hochman is a pediatrician in Southern California. Her goal is to help parent’s worry less! She has a weekly podcast called Ask Dr Jessica and shares helpful content on Instagram @AskDrJessica. 

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