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This is Episode 104 – Ending Preventable Stillbirth with Ana Vick

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In this episode Sarah talks Ana Vick from Push For Empowered Pregnancy.

Anna’s mission is an important one, and something not many people talk about — to help end preventable still births.

Ana shares her story about her pregnancy ending in a still birth and everything she’s learned since.

This is such an important episode for anyone who’s pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant.

When Ana Vick realized late one night many months into her “textbook” pregnancy that her son, Owen, wasn’t moving much, the last thing she expected at the ER was an hour of vagueness ending in a crash c-section to rescue her son’s dramatically plummeting heartbeat. They were too late – she emerged from the hospital with empty arms into a life she no longer recognized.

It wasn’t until months later when she finally summoned the nerve to request her son’s birth certificate that Ana found out he was labeled as “stillborn.” A high-risk, complication-laded subsequent pregnancy finally resulted in a healthy living sibling for her elder daughter, but Ana’s experiences after a stillbirth and two miscarriages have taught her that spreading awareness and empowering families is key.

Ana’s previous life had evolved from UCLA Psychology graduate to production at E! Network to catering sales director; none of her former self seems to have survived her metamorphosis after loss, but she’s okay with that! A proud warrior momma battling grief, PTSD, and of course, stillbirth in honor of her son, Ana also writes on her personal blog Still My Son. And somehow, she has learned to laugh and smile again – she loves to throw parties and craft, snuggle her two mini Aussies, and can even be caught dancing and singing (both badly!).

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