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On this episode of Juna Women, I sit down with Pallavi Golla, the founder of Lark Adventurewear.

Lark Adventurewear is Sun Safe Bamboo Activewear and both of my kid’s closets are filled with pieces from Lark.

On the show we talk about her path to building a family and a business at the same time.

She gives great advice on how to start from scratch in an industry in which you have no experience in.

If you’re someone who’s thinking about starting your own business, you’ll definitely want to tune in to this one.

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Show Notes

You can connect with Pallavi Golla at where she provides eco-friendly Bamboo Active Wear for kids.

Pallavi was inspired by her own family’s passion for living an active lifestyle.

When her son Vyan was born, she was in awe of his curiosity of nature and the way he explored the world around him.

While on their outdoor excursions, Pallavi began to notice that while she remained dry and cool in her adult activewear, Vyan was hot, sweaty and damp in his clothing.

This led them to cut their time outdoors short since baby Vyan would get easily overheated and sticky. Pallavi began to search for safe activewear for babies to no avail. She recognized the need for eco-friendly infant activewear that would keep babies cool, sweat-free and comfortable, so Lark Adventurewear was born.

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