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This is Episode 101 – Fix Your Relationship with Dr. Stephen and Erin Mitchell

In this episode Sarah talks with Erin and Steven Mitchell, founders of Create Your Couple Story.

We talked about how to communicate with your partner, especially about vulnerable things that can happen during the transition to parenthood.

Things like miscarriages, body image, changes in sex drive, and the role each partner will play during postpartum and beyond.

The real key isn’t knowing that you need to communicate, but actually having the tough conversations, because they can be tough! I hope you enjoy this episode.

This is the episode you will wish you listened to before becoming a parent! 
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About Stephen and Erin

We are Erin and Stephen Mitchell.  We are a couple that has been married for 12 years, we work together, we genuinely like one another (most of the time) and we have three kids. Also, we have had the opportunity to receive advanced degrees: Stephen has a PhD in Medical Family Therapy and Erin has a Masters in Counseling Psychology.  Stephen is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Professor.  Erin works as a Writer and Relationship Educator and together we have the privilege of creating couples courses and working together to provide relationship education to make couple relationships stronger.
We specifically focus on couples because we are passionate about couples having access to experience the sense of healing, belonging, and love that comes with an intimate couple relationship.  Just like any couple we have struggled, we struggle, will struggle again, and we have felt the joy of a healthy relationship.
Couple relationships are hard and couple relationships are beautiful.  We feel so grateful you are here and we are honored to get to be a part of you and your partner Creating Your Couple Story.

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