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This is Episode 024, Life In The NICU with Tori Meskin BSN RNC.

In this episode Sarah talks with NICU nurse Tori Meskin, who works bedside as a Per Diem (full-time nurse), creates content for her blog where she shares resources for future nurses. Tori shares her life and tips as a NICU nurse on her instagram, @nurse.tori_

Sarah and Tori give the full lowdown of the NICU, why your baby might wind up there, and what do if you do find yourself and your baby in the NICU.

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Show Notes:

02:39 – High level overview of the NICU. What it is. What it looks like. Why it’s somewhat secretive and some of the reasons why you might wind up in the NICU. Here are some of those reasons:

  • birth trauma
  • prediagnoed congen
  • jaundice
  • respiratory distress
  • sepsis (infection)
  • aspiration
  • infants of diabetic mothers
  • gastrosquisis
  • diaphragamtic hernia
  • cardiac disorder
  • twins and premature babies

05:30 – The difference between neonatal nurse, labor and delivery nurse, and postpartum nurse, and NICU Nurse. A L&D Nurse works solely during the labor and delivery process, the postpartum nurse will take care of a healthy baby and mother, whereas a NICU nurse will only take care of a newborn.

08:10 – The different levels of the NICU.

  • level 1 – newborn/nursery
  • level 2 – specialty care/ nursery
  • level 3 – surgeries and more long term care
  • level 4 – for babies who require the most care

13:50 – Which lifestyle factors affect Moms and the likelihood that those lifestyle factors contribute to complications during labor and delivery.

18:20 – Why Moms have so many OBGYN appointments before labor and why they take your blood pressure so many times.

23:02 – The best thing you can do if you find yourself in the NICU.

26:23 – How to prepare yourself for the “what ifs” you might face in the NICU.

30:32 – The swing of how newborn care and breastfeeding are going back to natural. We are trying to go back to proactively natural. Nationwide, 100%, every single hospital is supportive of breastfeeding, even for NICU babies, whenever possible. This includes delayed cord clamping, which allows the baby and mother to bond and transition together.

33:32 – Not every thing works for every baby. Babies are different, moms are different. Learn what works for you.


About Tori Meskin

Tori Servin Meskin BSN RNC-NIC is a professional nurse, amateur wifey, workout enthusiast, healthcare blogger and now Family Nurse Practitioner in training!.

She currently lives  in California with my husband Jacob near our favorite place, the beach. We enjoy the beach, skiing, workouts, brunching, family & friend weddings, new babies, and most of all each other.  ]

Connect with Tori here on Instagram.

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