The Juna Women Podcast is a weekly discussion where Juna Founder, Sarah Kuhn, talks to Moms about their health, work, parenting, and all the different ways they’re keeping it together. This is Episode 013, Mental Health, Social Media, and Maternity Fashion with Ali Levine. 

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In this episode, Sarah talks with celebrity stylist and influencer, Ali Levine.

Ali really opens up about her struggles with postpartum depression and provides excellent advice any mom can implement to help overcome what can be a very difficult period of time.

She talks about her mental health and break from social media – which lasted for 2 months. As someone who uses social media for her income, this was a very difficult, but important decision for her. Social media had become damaging to her well-being.

They also dive into maternity fashion and Ali has some great words of wisdom for new Moms who are struggling with the body issues that can be associated with pregnancy.

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Show Notes

02:05 – Ali’s path to Motherhood

04:00 – Ali discusses her time on the Bravo Show “Stripped“.

07:10 – Ali talks about her birth/labor experience and how everything she wanted went wrong.

08:55 – Ali opens up about postpartum depression.

13:30 – Ali reaches out to her lactation team to talk to them about postpartum depression.

16:00 – Working on meditation and getting her mind right. She started meditating 5-10 minutes per day with an app like Headspace, or other times just with herself.

18:00 – Going off social media to help with her mental health. She went dark on social media for two months.

“Once I allowed myself to shut that off, my mind all of the sudden had happy thoughts. I couldn’t believe how much I was comparing myself to other people. Comparison can literally be the death of you. It was so healthy for me to unplug and decompress.”

26:45 – Navigating that weird time (0-3 months) where you’re pregnant, but haven’t announced it to your friends and colleagues yet.

29:32 – Listening to the universe and what the world is telling you.

31:30 – Pregnancy wardrobe and fashion/styling advice from Ali. “Whatever makes you feel comfortable and most confident, that should be your go-to uniform.”

35:13 – So many women get snuck on what to wear when pregnant, but you can still rock some of the same things or find similar items that work for you. Don’t lose your sex appeal and don’t lose that beauty.

36:13 – What to wear postpartum and how your wardrobe can affect your mood and sense of self.

39:13 – Podcast recommendations. Gabby Bernstein. Rachel Hollis “Girl Wash Your Face“.

Ali uses her notebook with the quote “Women make waves” notebook, to remind herself that women are badass and writes down 4 things that made her grateful.

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