The Juna Women Podcast is a weekly discussion where Juna Founder, Sarah Kuhn, talks to Moms about their health, work, parenting, and all the different ways they’re keeping it together.

This is Episode 82, Labor Through The Lens of a Pelvic Health PT

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On this episode Sarah chats with Katie Hunter.

Katie is a pelvic health physical therapist and is an advisor to Juna. Katie helped Juna create our new Core Restore Program – which you can find in the Juna App.

Katie works with postpartum mamas to help them recover after childbirth.

In this episode, Katie shares her own birth story, how she prepped for labor, what she did during pregnancy to keep her pelvic floor strong, and what she’s doing to recover.

This episode is packed with 50 minutes of gold and will save you from countless headaches if you absorb and apply this knowledge!

Meet Katie:

Katie received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Western University of Health Sciences.

Katie has been specializing in pelvic health physical therapy since 2014.

She enjoys treating pregnancy, postpartum, complex pelvic pain, male and female bladder, bowel, and sexual dysfunction.

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