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This is Episode 94, The Power of Routines with Jessica Irwin

On this episode Sarah chats with Jessica from Rooted In Routine.

Jessica is a pediatric occupational therapist and founder of “The Rooted Routine” which is an online parent education and coaching platform with the goal of teaching parents how to help children thrive through routine and structure.

Jessica shares why she believes so strongly in the power of routine and how the key to a happy and healthy child is something we as parents can control.

A few of the key points from today’s episode:

– the difference between routines for babies vs routines for toddlers
– the positive effects of routines
– when a child knows what’s coming next it actually lowers their stress response
– children really do crave this predictability, especially toddlers (1-3 years old)

Here Are Some Tips For Managing The Dreaded Bedtime Routine

  1. Spend 5-10 minutes with each kid doing something special and uninterrupted with them
  2. Staying consistent
  3. Adding a chart or some sort of list to show what bedtime looks like.
  4. Using a visual timer. Show them when something ends and when something else starts.
Bedtime can drag out because your child wants to be with you and wants to be close to you. They know that bedroom means they are going to be separated from you. They do all these things – asking for water, more stories, more books because they want to spend more time with you. This doesn’t mean you have to give into them, but spending a few minutes of quality time with them (one on one is ideal if you can) will help make
bedtime easier.


With a degree in pediatric Occupational Therapy and many years working with children and their families in schools, clinics, and homes, Jessica has seen first-hand the vast difference a solid and intentional routine can make in a child’s life. Rather than specific toys, fancy activities, or intensive therapies, it’s the general structure of a child’s day and the quality of their relationship with parents and caregivers that matters. These are the things that allow children to function as healthy and happy people.

Through her coaching and recommended tools and strategies, she is able to help parents experience joy and pride in watching their children thrive.


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