This is Episode 9 – Babies and Money from Season 2 of the Juna Women Podcast. Season 2 is about planning your family. 

Today’s episode is the 9th part of our Family Planning Series, and we’re talking all about the financial aspect of having and raising babies. 

Like or not, babies are a significant expense and the more you know about preparing for this next chapter of your life, the more confidently you’ll be able to handle the unexpected.

After all, caring for a newborn is hard enough — you don’t want to be focusing on these things postpartum.  ⁣⁣

To help us dive even further into this topic, Sarah sat down with Cheryl Nelson Boyd.

Cheryl is a financial planner from Colorado, who specializes in helping parents navigate the financial side of this exciting time in life.

By the end of this episode you should have a clear understanding of the costs of childcare, how to set a budget, how to talk to your partner and get on the same regarding money, and feel empowered to start creating a financially secure life for your family. ⁣⁣

financial planning for baby



Here are some of Cheryl’s top money tips:

  1. Get your budget in order.
  2. Find out what your health insurance covers and doesn’t cover.
  3. Set up your maternity and paternity leave. If you and your partner both work full time jobs, you may be able to stagger them so someone can be home with the baby for the first 6 months.
  4. Consider setting up a Family Will & Trust. This is not something you will want to do, but it’s smart!

financial planning for baby

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Featured in this episode:

Cheryl Nelson Boyd
Family Financial Planner

“Women face different financial considerations. You may be the primary breadwinner, run the household, take care of children and/or elderly parents all while bringing your families together. I help my clients feel more confident about their, and their loved ones, financial future. I am personally invested in helping them plan for and enjoy the full and rich lives they’ve earned.”

– Cheryl Nelson Boyd