This is Episode 10 – “Life After Baby” from Season 2 of the Juna Women Podcast. Season 2 is about planning your family. 

Mom and Dad. Before you earn those titles you are simply two people in a relationship, feeling all the feels, with lots of free time to focus on yourselves and each other.

But, what happens when you actually become parents? How do you keep the fire burning, the connection strong, and avoid the fate of the nearly 50% of couples who wind up getting divorced? 

Yes, it’s true — the current divorce rate in the United States is somewhere between 40-50%.

In a study from 2013, couples were asked their top reasons for getting divorced and 57% said one of the top reasons was “too much conflict and arguing”.

When you spend your life with someone, there’s bound to be conflict. But the key is using that conflict to make you and not break you.

That’s the focus in “Life After Baby”, the 10th part of our Family Planning Series. To help us with this topic, Sarah sat down with Sheina Schochet, a mental health counselor from New York specializing in pre-marital counseling, life transitions, and maternal mental health. 

By the end of this episode you should know the common mistakes couples make after having kids and implement strategies to keep your relationship strong and stable. 

Full Interview with Sheina Schochet

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Featured in this episode:

Sheina Schochet
Licensed Therapist & Relationship Coach

sheina schochet

Sheina Schochet, LMHC is a therapist (licensed in NY & FL), relationship coach, and professor living in NYC. Sheina works with women struggling with relationships and life transitions, especially new moms dealing with the new dynamics in their relationship after baby. She teaches them to work on solutions and challenge the thoughts and behaviors that keep them stuck, to feel more fulfilled and nurture a happier relationship and life.

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