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This is Episode 016, An Unplanned Pregnancy, Genetic Testing, and Lactation Cookies with Whitney Rowell

In this episode, Sarah talks with Founder and CEO of Miracle Milkookies, Whitney Rowell.

Whitney is the mama behind Miracle Milkookies. She first learned about lactation cookies when her  friend dropped them on her doorstep after having her first baby in 2015. She had NO idea what a lactation cookie was, but she knew they really helped her produce more milk.

She googled lactation producing ingredients and learned that oats, yeast and flaxseed seemed to be the magic milk-boosting combo. She added yeast and flax to her go-to oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe, a recipe she had created years before that family and friends always loved.

She made the cookies and couldn’t believe how great they still tasted, plus she was making SO MUCH MORE MILK! She posted the recipe to her blog (that only my mom read) and called it ‘The Miracle Milk Cookie’.

On the show, Sarah and Whitney dive into her unplanned pregnancy, the whirldwind of starting a business from her own kitchen while having two babies, working with her husband on the business, and a genetic test marker that forced them to make a difficult decision.

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Show Notes

04:35 – Whitney talks about her path to Motherhood, which includes an unplanned pregnancy and a genetic test where she tested positive for Turner Syndrome. Her and her husband had to decide whether or not to have a medical abortion.

What is Turner Syndrome?

09:45 – Her labor and delivery with her first baby was so unbelievable her Doctor told her not to tell other Mamas.

11:57 – How Whitney took care of herself during her high risk, stressful pregnancy.

17:13 – How Whitney told her parents about their unplanned pregnancy and used their reaction to help put her at ease.

19:04 – Their second pregnancy turned out to be a miscarriage, which was hard, but really made Whitney realize she was ready for a second child.

24:38 – Transitioning from one child to two.

26:35 – Whitney’s postpartum journey after her 2nd baby. She felt an adrenaline and energy boost during the first 2-4 months after having her 2nd baby and then exhaustion and energized drop from 4-6 months.

29:02 – How and why Whitney decided to start her business, Miracle Mlikookies.

39:04 – How to scale the business from baking cookies and working out of her own kitchen.

42:05 – Transitioning to working full time for Miracle Milkookies and bringing her husband on board for them to work together on the company.

46:02 – Working with customer service issues and balancing Motherhood and Entrepreneurship.

46:50 – Whitney is reading a book called “To Have and To Hold” – it’s a book on Postpartum Marriage Life. She also listens to “How I Built This” podcast.

49:01 – The girls talk about the hardest and most unexpected aspects of parenthood.

52:03 – Whitney shares what her Mom community looks like.

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