The Juna Women Podcast is a weekly discussion where Juna Founder, Sarah Kuhn, talks to Moms and experts to share their specific knowledge in parenting, pregnancy, and motherhood.

This is Episode 118 -Home Births Aren’t Just For Hippies with Nicolle Kasch

Sarah talks with Nicolle Kasch from Mind Body Baby. Nicole is a doula and hynobirthing expert. She shares her journey to becoming a Mama and how that led her to searching out alternative birth options.

In this episode Sarah and Nicole discuss hypnobirthing — what it is and why you might be interested in trying it, the history of birth, how to talk to your partner about your birth plan, why home births aren’t ‘just for “hippies” and how to create a birth plan that works for the whole family.

Meet Nicolle Kasch

Upon my own initiation into motherhood, a passion for birth was forged. In my pregnancy, like most women, I was very concerned about how difficult and painful birth would be and had no sense of how I’d get through it. The hospital based childbirth classes instilled so much fear in me that I became determined to educate myself further on a different perspective. I found Marie Mongan’s HypnoBirthing book, practiced the method diligently, hired a doula, and had an incredibly calm and empowering hospital birth! I came away from the experience feeling called to share a view of birth that positioned women at the center: as capable, strong, and informed.

I went on to become a Hypnobirthing practitioner, birth doula, and have furthered my education by attending various workshops and trainings related to the childbearing season. Prior to my life in all things birth, I obtained degrees in both Sociology and Child Development from Chico State University. In college I also met the love of my life, and together we explored the world before “settling down” to start a family.

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