The Juna Women Podcast is a weekly discussion where Juna Founder, Sarah Kuhn, talks to Moms about their health, work, parenting, and all the different ways they’re keeping it together.

This is Episode 032, Mom Guilt and The Pressure To Be Perfect With Erica Fraser.

In this episode Sarah talks with Erica from the popular Mom Blog and instagram account @mom.break.

Erica is a Mom of two and shares some of the most fun, relatable, and helpful Mom content on Instagram.

In today’s episode they talk openly about Erica’s postpartum struggles — including depression and anxiety.

Erica shares how it wasn’t until she realized that she needed to ask for help, that she was actually able to start on a path to finding her new identity as a Mom.

They also discuss some really great tips for sharing the domestic responsibilities in your household and Erica reveals 5 things she wished she had done differently when her kids were babies.

This episode is a must listen for Moms with young kids or anyone who is expecting a baby in the near future

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Show Notes

*02:25* – How Erica became a Mom. The girls discuss being Moms who never really got that instinct and yearning to become a Mom and how it’s okay to only like your kids. “I don’t think enough women are saying, “Hey, it’s okay to not necessarily want that.”

*07:06* – Erica and her husband were trying to conceive for about a year, but had three friends who had recently had babies at the same exact time.

*10:48* – Erica shares her pregnancy story – vomit and all.

*15:18* – Erica shares her postpartum experience and how she really didn’t know what to do and what to expect when she brought her first home from the hospital.

*20:42* – How finding a therapist during postpartum depression can be incredibly daunting.

*24:35* – How it can be hard for Moms to actually say they need help and talk to their Doctors about how they’re struggling.

*28:40* – What it’s like to have a 2nd baby after you’ve had a tough pregnancy and postpartum experience with your first.

*30:14* – Postpartum depression can also be mourning the loss of your identity as the person you were before Mom.

*31:12* – Postpartum anxiety vs postpartum depression and how they can manifest themselves.

*36:10* – How Erica started Mom blogging. It was originally an outlet for her struggles as a Mom and parent.

*39:11* – Transparency in blogging and Motherhood and how Erica looks at the content she shares on her Instagram. It’s her personal experience on Motherhood.

*42:05* – How parenting is seasonal.

*44:36* – Erica shares how and why she chose to go to Couple’s Therapy with her husband.

*46:31* – Erica shares some great tips about how to split the domestic responsibilities in the house between her and her husband.

*48:30*– How you need to ask for help.

*52:35* – The girls discuss the popular “Five Things I Wish I’d Done Differently” post on Erica’s instagram feed.

*56:55* – Papaya Podcast by Sarah Nicole. She’s a body positivity blogger in Canada.

*01:00:19* – Erica shares the hardest and most unexpected parts of Motherhood, including the hard work she’s had to do on her marriage.

Connect with Erica:

Erica is a Mom of two and popular Mom Blogger at She lives in Ontario, Canada with her Husband and two children.

Mom Break is an online community for moms, to normalize the challenges and love of parenting.



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