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This is Episode 017Mom Hacks For Staying Active and Healthy After Kids with Deeanne Akerson. 

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In this episode, Sarah talks with Founder and CEO of Kindred Bravely, Deeanne Akerson.

Deeanne is the mama behind Kindred Bravely, the apparel company that creates some of the best clothes and nursing bras for Moms out there.

On the show, Sarah and Deeanne talk about her path to Motherhood, her postpartum experience — including an extremely difficult breastfeeding experience that led to ideas for creating Kindred Bravely, and Deeanne shares her tips for making time to stay active and healthy after having babies.

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Show Notes

03:00 – Deeanne talks about her path to Motherhood, which includes putting off Motherhood for as long as she could. She never got that baby fever feeling she was expecting.

07:00 – Staying active during pregnancy, including swimming, biking, and running.

17:13 – Deeanne talks about her postpartum experience led her to creating and designing clothes for Kindred Bravely. She wanted effective, comfortable, and stylish clothes for that unique period where you’re breastfeeding and sometimes wearing pajamas two days in a row.

20:00 – How she prepared and transitioned from being a teacher to starting her own business.

27:00 – The sacrifices and changes that happen to your time after having children.

29:00 – Deeanne’s postpartum fitness routine consisted of slow walks for about 3 months before she started anything more rigorous.

32:00 – Developing confidence breastfeeding in public

35:07 – Being open to the idea of working out if the baby is waking up early.

36:45 – How Deeanne splits up the mornings with her husband so they can both find time to workout

38:00 – How to fit in exercise into your life without forcing things.

41:00 – Using your community to help make time for healthy habits

43:00 – Deeanne recommends the book “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown.

45:00 – Deeanne shares the most unexpected part of Motherhood.

About Deeanne Akerson

deeanne akerson

Deeanne Akerson is the CEO and Co-founder of Kindred Bravely. As a mathematician and former teacher, Deeanne has always loved numbers and problem solving, but she didn’t begin her journey as a business owner and entrepreneur until after she became a mother.

A year after the birth of her second son, when she became frustrated with the lack of options in nursing wear, Deeanne started designing her own clothing.

Soon after, Deeanne and her husband launched Kindred Bravely, which they lovingly refer to as their third child. Creating stylish, comfortable, and functional clothing is only one part of Deeanne’s vision; she wants to inspire a community of moms who support and empower each other, helping them to recognize their inherent value and beauty.

When she isn’t busy with her boys or business, Deeanne loves running, hiking, backpacking, and traveling. She and her family are often found spending time at one of their favorite beaches in San Diego County.

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