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This is Episode 01 of Season 03, Newborn Sleep Tips and Tricks with Sarah Patel.

newborn sleep tips and tricks

In this episode Sarah talks with Sarah Patel from @TeachToSleep.

Sarah is the founder of Teach to Sleep and a Mom to two little ones who are 18 months apart.

She’s a fully qualified baby and infant sleep consultant. Sarah has worked in education for over 15 years as a primary school teacher and a senior lecturer in education.

She uses her background in teaching to share healthy sleep habits, which are based around routine and sleep patterns.

In this episode, they talk about setting up a safe sleep environment, sleep regressions and how to drop naps.

Sarah is a wealth of knowledge and perhaps most importantly, she emphasizes how we need to cut ourselves some slack, because teaching a newborn to sleep can be hard AF!

newborn sleep and awake times

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