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This is Episode 110 – Simplify Your Parenting with Dr Siggie Cohen PhD

dr siggie cohen

In this episode Sarah hosts Dr. Siggie Cohen who has dedicated her life’s work to helping families connect and thrive.

Dr. Siggie shares her tried and true techniques for simplifying parenting, helping you remain calm and in charge, feel empowered, and reduce tension in your home.

This episode is so helpful and Dr. Siggie’s approach really is a game changer. If you are having any power struggles or discipline issues in your house, please give this episode a listen and share with a friend.

Dr. Siggie Cohen

dr siggie

Dr Cohen has been helping families connect and thrive, having worked with families of all kinds for over 3 decades: first as a teacher, and then as a Child Development Specialist.

Her motto: Parenting is always challenging. But it can be simplified, less stressful and more rewarding.

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