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This is Episode 119 -Technology For Better Sleep with Sarah Dorsett

Sarah Dorsett Better Sleep

Sarah talks to Sarah Dorsett, CEO of the sleep company Nanit. Sarah has worked in e-commerce for two decades, scaling retail businesses and building brands, including Coty, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Bloomingdales.

Sarah and Sarah are both moms with three kids and have their share of experiences, both good and bad with sleep.

In this episode they talk about fostering good sleep habits early that take kids through childhood. They also talk about how tracking their own sleep helped them make more deliberate choices and better decisions about their health.

They also discuss how technology has helped parents and their children get better sleep and more effective sleep.

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Meet Sarah Dorsett

Sarah Dorsett leads Nanit in its mission to support the journey of parenthood through the development of its products that connect parents to their baby’s health and well-being.

Sarah is an e-commerce leader with more than two decades of experience scaling retail businesses and building brands including Coty, Bed Bath & Beyond and Bloomingdales.

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