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This is Episode 12 of Season 03, Busting Pregnancy and Parenting Myths with Sharon Mazel.

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On today’s episode Sarah chats with Sharon Mazel.

Sharon is a contributing writer and editor for and the popular What To Expect book series. She is an expert in pregnancy, parenting, and family issues.

On this episode they talk about all the most common pregnancy myths – things like dying your hair , eating for two, if you can actually tell the gender of your baby based on the way you are carrying, stretch marks, sleeping positions, getting labor started, and more.

They also discuss some common early parenting myths like what position baby should be sleeping in, swaddling, when to introduce the bottle if you are breastfeeding, using pacifiers, introducing solids, and more.

This episode will save you from unnecessary googling and stress. If you like it, please share it with an expecting mama friend!

pregnancy myths

Common Pregnancy Myths Busted


Experts say avoid certain hair dyes in the 1st Trimester because that’s when the baby’s organs are developing and growing. Things like highlights and all-natural dyes are on the safer side.

It won’t hurt to try, but there is no scientific correlation between spicy foods and labor starting.

Your nutrition does affect baby, but don’t take the phrase “eating for two” literally and eat double what you would normally eat. You should aim for about an increase of about 300 to 350 more calories per day when pregnant. You actually need more calories (around 500) while breastfeeding then during pregnancy.


Sleeping on your side is recommended, but it doesn’t have to be your left side. The right side is fine if that’s how you are more comfortable. Also, if you wake up and find yourself on your back, don’t freak out. Just roll over and try to get back to sleep.

Some swear they can predict gender by how you are carrying, whether you have morning sickness, the date of conception, etc — none of them have any scientific backing and are most likely coincidental.

Listen to the full episode with Sharon now — it’s perfect for first time Moms and Moms with multiples. ⁣⁣

Meet Sharon:

Sharon Mazel is an internationally recognized bestselling pregnancy and parenting author, expert, speaker, and coach.

Sharon co-authored What to Expect When You’re Expecting (4th/5th eds) as well as nine other books in the iconic What To Expect series, including What To Expect the First Year (2nd/3rd eds), What To Expect the Second Year, What to Expect Before You’re Expecting (1st/2nd eds), What To Expect the Toddler Years (2nd ed), What To Expect: Eating Well When You’re Expecting, What To Expect Babysitter’s Handbook, What To Expect Pregnancy Journal and Organizer, and others.

Sharon speaks widely on fertility, pregnancy and parenting topics and interacts daily with her over 100,000 new and expectant parent followers on Instagram (@sharonmazel).

Sharon was integral to the content creation, launching, writing, and editing of the award-winning website. Sharon has also written for as well as various publications including Parenting Magazine, BabyTalk Magazine, The Washington Post, and others.

Sharon was founder and Executive Editor of Doc2Me, a heart health text messaging service and was the Executive Editor for an educational video series at the Yale University Child Study Center.

She began her journalism career as a television news writer and producer and received a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She is the mother of four children.



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