The Juna Women Podcast is a weekly discussion where Juna Founder, Sarah Kuhn, talks to Moms about their health, work, parenting, and all the different ways they’re keeping it together.

This is Episode 05 of Season 03, Postpartum Stories: Expect The Unexpected 

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In this episode Sarah talks with Erin Elliott, a Mom with two wildly different births and postpartum experiences. Aaron shares very candidly the way she navigated through recovering from a traumatic birth.

She shares how she planned for a vaginal birth, but wound up have to have a last minute C-section with her first baby. On her 2nd birth, she found herself with a third degree tear and a rush to the NICU after her second had some breathing issues.

She also talks about her struggles with breastfeeding and all the beautiful things that came from postpartum as well. I really hope you enjoy this episode.

In this episode Sarah and Erin go into detail about:

  • – how and when Erin became a doula
  • – Erin’s C-section with her first baby
  • – pushing for six hours, only to have to have a c-section
  • – the mental health aspect of dealing with a c-section that you didn’t want and didn’t prepare for
  • – how your expectations should be tempered going into labor
  • – Erin’s struggle connecting with her baby right after postpartum
  • – how therapy helped Erin get ready for a 2nd birth and 2nd child
  • – what it’s like to have your baby rushed to the NICU
  • – 3rd degree tearing
  • – and much more!

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