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What’s an Induction? 

This post was written by Labor & Delivery Nurse, Liesel Teen, also known as @mommy.labornurse on Instagram. Leisel is a member of the Juna Expert Advisory Board and monthly contributor to the Juna Blog.  What Happens During An Induction? Spontaneous labor is great! But sometimes…

pregnancy and constipation

Constipation During Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms & Relief 

Oh the many joys of pregnancy. Constipation during pregnancy might be the worst. As if the nausea, swelling, cravings and hormone fluctuations were not enough.  Due to a variety of reasons that we’ll outline below, sometimes pooping during pregnancy becomes far more difficult than you’d…

Pregnancy Workouts

3rd Trimester Pregnancy Workout Plan 

Even if you weren’t active during your first two trimesters there are still tons of benefits to getting started now. Make sure you have approval from your doctor to exercise. You can (and should) start up exercise now even if you weren’t active during your…