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Myth Vs Facts: Pitcoin 

This post was written by Juna Advisor & Labor Delivery Nurse, Leisel Teen aka @mommy.labornurse. By the time you’re nearing Week 40 of your pregnancy, ANY mom can relate to the hashtag, #getthisbabyouttame, am I right? Who can blame you, you’ve been pregnant for 9…


What’s an Induction? 

This post was written by Labor & Delivery Nurse, Liesel Teen, also known as @mommy.labornurse on Instagram. Leisel is a member of the Juna Expert Advisory Board and monthly contributor to the Juna Blog.  What Happens During An Induction? Spontaneous labor is great! But sometimes…

perineal massage

How and Why To Do A Perineal Massage 

A perineal massage is an exercise that’s recommended starting from about week 32 of your pregnancy. It involves massaging the perineum in order to make it more flexible, which can help prevent tearing during and help you avoid having to get an episiotomy. Most women…