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The Juna Story

Hi! Sarah here, founder of Juna. I want to share what Juna is and the inspiration for creating this space, community, and app.

I have been pregnant or post-partum for the last 4.5 years. While I was pregnant, I struggled to find workouts that were safe, yet still challenging enough to make me feel like I was staying fit. I struggled to find the right foods to fuel my body and the future-baby I was growing in my belly. When I was post-partum, I struggled to find any fitness programs that weren’t centered around “getting your body back,” instead of rebuilding the core foundations the right way. I struggled to find the right mix of foods that would help me recover, but also nourish my child properly (and avoid giving them gas that kept them, and me, up all night). Broccoli fans know what I’m talking about. In short, I struggled.⁣

I looked everywhere for a solution and came up empty handed. It took a little encouragement from my husband, but I decided to create the product I always wanted. I am very excited to announce my new baby — Juna — a fitness and nutrition app, and community of strong women designed especially for this special part of life.⁣

I wanted a product for mamas and mamas-to-be that was JUST for them. Just for US. We deserve it.

Much love,
--- Sarah ---

About The App - Fitness

With the Juna App, there are workouts for every stage of your pregnancy. From your first trimester all the way through 12 weeks postpartum, the follow-along guided workouts are designed to evolve with your ever-changing body.

When you download the app, you will be asked to input your baby’s due date (or baby’s birthday) if you’ve recently had your baby. From there, you will be automatically dropped into the appropriate section of the app.

With 36 Weeks of Prenatal Workouts and 12 Weeks of post-natal workouts there is something for wherever you’re at in your pregnancy journey.

Working out during pregnancy, specifically strength training takes on new importance. By keeping your strength up you can significantly support your posture and alignment. Great posture is helpful for decreasing your pregnancy aches and pains, allowing baby to grow in an optimal position, and having a smooth labor and delivery. ⁣

Here are more benefits of staying active during pregnancy:⁣

1. Fewer aches + pains⁣
2. Better posture⁣
3. Minimize diastasis recti⁣
4. improve diastasis recti⁣
5. Better pelvic floor strength⁣
6. Decrease the likely hood of pelvic organ prolapse⁣
7. More energy⁣
8. Easier delivery and recovery⁣

About The App - Nutrition

Nutrition takes on new meaning during pregnancy as you’re now not only feeding and nourishing your own body, but your new baby as well.

The common phrase “eating for two” isn’t exactly sage advice. While the cravings and hunger you experience are real, pregnancy is not a time to stuff your face under the thought of eating double. Doctors recommend a healthy weight gain of around 25-35 pounds. This comes out to about 340 additional calories during your 2nd trimester and 450 during your 3rd trimester, and 500 during your 4th trimester. Yes, if you’re breastfeeding, that’s when you’ll actually be consuming the most calories. Every body is different, but these are general guidelines.

At Juna, our philosophy around nutrition isn’t to be overly prescriptive and tell you what to eat for every meal. Rather, we give you the general do’s and don’ts, as well as provide a “food/nutrient of the week” that will help you make sure you’re getting the nutrients for the healthiest possible pregnancy