- Amy T

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All you need pre and post natal!

“Juna is positive, empowering, and gives me exactly what I need to know when I need it! Worth every penny.”

- Erica

Everything I’ve been looking for!!!

“Finally an app dedicated to keeping you in shape (yay! I actually sweat during my prenatal workouts!) and also keeping you and baby healthy during pregnancy.”

- Ashley

First time Mom - Loving it!

“This app has helped me through much of the anxiety of pregnancy. As a first time mom I had so many questions and this app has helped me safely navigate what’s already a tough time! Thank you, Juna!”

- Lily

What Is The Juna App?

  • A daily update including your trimester specific workout, a key nutrient to focus on, recipes, and key milestones.
  • 200+ follow along workouts created by pre and post natal experts and pelvic floor therapists -- optimized for pregnancy and recovering after labor and delivery.
  • Nutrition advice and “Food of the Week” from Registered Dieticians and Nutritionists.
  • Three 6-week postpartum phases that help you recover the RIGHT way.
  • Milestones, baby tracking, tips and advice from real Moms to help keep you on track and stress free.
  • Daily Diaphragmatic Breathing, which is the number one way to prep for labor and delivery.
  • Pelvic Floor Work to help keep the muscles strong that support your pelvic floor organs.
  • Curated Content to help you avoid Gestational Googlemania.

The Experts Behind Juna

The Juna team is dedicated to helping guide you through your Trying to Conceive, Pregnancy, and Motherhood Journey.

Sarah Kuhn

Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist

Mom of three. Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist. Host of the Juna Women Podcast.

Katie Hunter

Pelvic Floor PT

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist who has been dedicated to caring for the prenatal and postpartum populations since working for three of the most prominent pelvic health clinics in California

Lauren Manaker


Mom of one. Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum Registered Dietician. Certified Lactation Educator- Counselor, Certified Personal Trainer.

The Community

Our goal is to bring Mamas together through education, shared experiences, honesty, and as much levity as possible.

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