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during pregnancy and beyond.

Workouts for every stage!

Build the strength you need with safe, trimester-specific workouts that evolve with your growing belly. Then, rebuild your foundations with our postpartum programs that get you back to where you left off.

Fitness & Nutrition during & after pregnancy

Pregnancy safe video
based workouts

36 Weeks of Prenatal Workouts

6 Weeks of Pelvic Floor

30 Weeks of Post-Natal Workouts

Community Support and
Tips from the experts

Advice from Moms who have ‘been there’ and ‘done that’

Nutrition for each week
of Your Pregnancy

Weekly nutrition guidance with recipes

Post-natal nutrition guidance and weekly tips

Nutrition Guidance & Recipes

Nourish your body and baby with science-backed nutrition based on the current stage of your pregnancy.

Labor might just be the hardest workout of your life

Juna helps you stay active during your pregnancy, laying a foundation to assist your body’s ability to bounce back after giving birth.

Eat and be Happy

Get the Fitness and Nutrition you need for your pregnancy and beyond.

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