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We help moms during pregnancy and postpartum

Whether you're looking for Pregnancy safe workouts, return to fitness programs for postpartum, need a plan to help you TTC, or are just looking for some classes on birth, breastfeeding and more. Juna is here to guide you on your motherhood journey.

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Our mission is to empower moms and moms to be with resources, knowledge and tools to be the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.

Katie Swisher


I followed Juna throughout my entire pregnancy and still use the fitness portion postpartum. I love the nutrition and exercise education for women! The exercises are clear and easy to follow and usually only take 30 minutes out of my day. And I love that you can do them from home

Courses & Products

Juna's easy to follow classes will have you prepared for Birth & Early Motherhood



Learn the soup to nuts of breastfeeding. We cover everything. From how to get a good latch, to pumping, supply and then weaning.

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Newborn Care


Feel confident taking your baby home. Learn how to diaper, how to baby wear, first baths and all the things you don't need to freak out about.

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Birth Prep


Learn the basics of birth. We cover the stages of labor, phases of labor, pain management techniques and more. You'll feel prepared for whatever way your labor goes.

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We'll keep you up to date on all things pregnancy & motherhood. We'll provide free resources, downloads, and education for all stages of motherhood. You'll also be the first to know when new things are coming your way.

The Juna App

You’ll get customized daily workouts, nutrition guidance, healthy recipes, breathing exercises, and more. For your TTC, Pregnancy and Motherhood journey.


Workout programs created by pre and postnatal experts including strength training, yoga, therapeutics, mobility and more.


Juna takes the guesswork out of how you can fuel yourself for fertility, pregnancy and mom life. Recipes, meal plans, and weekly guidance for your motherhood journey.

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Join Founder, Sarah Kuhn weekly as she interviews experts, authors and moms like you to bring you up to date info on all things Pregnancy & Motherhood View Episodes

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Still Have Questions?

What is included in the Juna App?

Juna has workouts, meal plans, recipes and nutrition guidance for your TTC, Pregnancy and Postpartum Journey. We also have corrective exercises and mobility workouts to help you manage all the pain that can come with pregnancy and postpartum.

How much is the Juna App?

The Juna app is 19.99 / Month, 49.99/ Quarter or 119.99/ Year - With your Juna subscription you will get everything in the App.

Is it safe to exercise in pregnancy?

YES! In uncomplicated pregnancies, not only is it safe, doing at least 150 Minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise is part of ACOG's guidelines. Even if you didn't exercise prior to pregnancy it is still safe and encouraged to start an exercise program now. Just start small with 5 minutes a day, and add 5 minutes every day until you are at 30 minutes.

Who is the App for?

The Juna App has 3 different sections. If you are in the trying to conceive stage (TTC) we have a 12 week nutrition and fitness program that includes meal plans and workouts. If you are pregnant we'll support you through your 40 weeks of pregnancy with workouts and nutritional guidance. We'll also be here through your postpartum journey. We have a variety of programs that focus on getting you back to your pre pregnancy activity level the right way.

I am a beginner, will the workouts be too difficult or me?

Absolutely not. You can easily modify the Juna workouts be leaving out any of the equipment that we suggest. Doing bodyweight only is a perfect way to get started.

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Healthy baby starts with a healthy mama. We're here to support you through your entire Motherhood journey.