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This is Episode 103 – Mommy & Me Milestones with Laura Brown, MA, CCC-SLP

laura brown podcast

In this episode Sarah talks with Laura Brown from Mommy and Me Milestones.

Laura specializes in early intervention for children struggling to develop language skills.

Sarah and Laura talk about early language, the simple things you can do to help your child develop skills, when to worry and reach out for help, and all the steps to keep your child developing language into toddlerhood.

About Laura Brown

laura brown

Laura Brown is a mom of two little boys and an early intervention speech-language pathologist. Her super power is teaching babies and toddlers how to communicate!​

She started Mommy & Me Milestones after the birth of her first son as a way to connect with other parents and professionals who share her passion for child development and early language skills.

Her hope is that sharing their very personal journey through language development in these first critical years will help empower other parents with knowledge and excitement for early communication skills.

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