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Early Motherhood Bundle

4 Expert Led Courses. This bundle includes Birth Prep, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care and Starting Solids. Get the basics of Early Motherhood!

This Bundle Includes

4 Expert Led On Demand Video Courses
130 Videos, 4+ Hours of video content, 9 PDF's
Lifetime access to revisit and refresh on your skills
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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying!

The truth is, you dont know what you dont know, and I really didn't know how hard new motherhood was going to be. These courses left me feeling confident from birth all the way through my baby's first year.

Tara L

Oh. My. God. These courses were exactly what I needed. The videos are short and sweet and easy to take go through. I often found myself reviewing some of the breastfeeding videos right from my phone while the baby was nursing.

Camille M

Courses Included in this Bundle

Juna's easy to follow classes will have you prepared for Birth & Early Motherhood

Birth Prep


Learn the basics of birth. We cover the stages of labor, phases of labor, pain management techniques and more. You'll feel prepared for whatever way your labor goes.

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Learn the soup to nuts of breastfeeding. We cover everything. From how to get a good latch, to pumping, supply and then weaning.

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Newborn Care


Feel confident taking your baby home. Learn how to diaper, how to baby wear, first baths and all the things you don't need to freak out about.

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Starting Solids


This course covers everything you'll want to know when preparing to transition your baby from breastmilk/formula to real food.

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